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Since 2018, I've had a recurring featured article published in HackSpace Magazine which takes a look at the innovative new products for the DIY electronics enthusiast. With 50+ articles spanning 250+ pages, I'm thrilled to have been a small part of the HackSpace journey.


Video content, wether it be as an on-air personality, behind the scenes as a script writer, visual effects creator, or editor has been a part of my life for the last 15 years. I have created 100's of tutorial videos, dozens of pieces of technical content  for a variety of clients, and more recently my focus has been in VFX and 3D product visuals.

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I have authored several books, co-authored a book, and have been featured in Best of Make Volume 2. In addition, I've illustrated 8 books for O'Reilly Media, totaling over 200 illustrations, and photographed several book covers too! Want to write together? Reach out!

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In addition to being the Head of Product Development at MAKE Magazine, I was also featured dozens of times in print, both in the quarterly magazine, and in their annual special interest publications. I also contributed over 2000 blog posts for their website over the years.



You can find me on the Adafruit Learning system to learn more about the builds I have contributed to their platform. I can also be found at Instructables where I have over 150k views of my tech based tutorials and Youtube with millions of view across a few accounts.

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