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Need help? Unexpected Labs specializes in the integrated product development process. It's a panoptic view of both the business and product development journey. We can help with ideation and prototyping, to manufacturing, content marketing, pitch decks and business development. Want to talk

Our most recent work has focused on multiple early-stage startups. We've helped raise millions of dollars, and win multiple government and private competitions and grants. Recently we were a member of the winning team that won both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Department of Energy's E-ROBOT competition with a total prize winnings in excess of $850,000. We'd love to share more, but confidentiality is critical with many of my clients. Need help? Let's chat!

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Clientele  include:


Ideation: We can offer assistance in idea generation using systematic creativity and innovation techniques that solve real problems that people care about. Let us help answer your questions about product viability, competitive landscape research, and intellectual property management. 


Prototyping: Unexpected Labs, offers prototyping facilities, an electronics lab capable of building your ideas and even small run manufacturing. We stock 1000's of sensors and components, reducing the lead time and prototyping stage of the product development process. We have several different in-house additive manufacturing printers (3D printers) including FDM and stereolithography technologies. We also have dedicated space for laser cutting services, woodworking and metalworking capabilities, and a design studios. We brought everything in-house to help better protect your intellectual property, have faster turnaround times,  and greater quality control.

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Integrated Product Development: Having an idea is only the first step in a multi-step integrated product development process. Next, you'll also need prototyping services, manufacturing development, marketing development, sales, service and support strategies and more. Need fundraising? That's where we can come in and help. We've done it and understand the nuances that are involved in bringing a product to market. We have years of experience working in an integrated product development eco system, and we will leverage all that gained experience to help you succeed. It's a marathon, not a sprint. Although we like sprints too!

Content & Design: Our facilities include over 1000 square feet of dedicated video, photography, and VFX work space. There are multiple sets and areas where you can craft your story, shoot b-roll, or build just about any type of set needed. We also have all the equipment you'll need to create high end visual effects, audio dubbing, and even a suite of motion controllers and gimbals for those amazing steady shots.

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