I make things. Things that you may have bought, things you may have seen. I'm behind the scenes, but that's about to change. I've had my own consulting business, Unexpected Labs, for 25+ years helping people develop new businesses, products, and brands.

I was a professor for many years, having co-created the award winning Master of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship program at Lehigh University, but after 9+ years I needed to get back into "the real world".

I've written countless tutorials and articles, both for HackSpace Magazine and MAKE magazine, about DIY technology and innovation. I've also published a few books, and created hundreds of videos, with millions of views, ranging from hosting MAKE TV for Maker Faires around the country, to the creation of 100+ videos for O'Reilly Media on product development and prototyping with the Arduino microcontroller. My newest video series focus on technical skill building and can be found on LinkedIn Learning.

Currently I'm working on new electronics that are just hitting the market, called dLUX-dLITEs. along with helping several startups grow and develop their new technology-based products and services. I create all this from my 3000+ sq/ft product development studio in Northern NJ. If you'd like to work together, let's chat!